"...welcome to the revitalised, lovingly modernised Hotel Palace Berlin, which has been rejuvenated in every way. You can look forward to the very best culinary delights and an enjoyable meal in the 'first floor' restaurant, rated by all the latest gastronomical guides as one of the best in Germany." Heinz Horrmann

A day at the Hotel Palace Berlin starts off at the "Bon Dia" restaurant with a healthy, tasty calorie-conscious breakfast. Conference attendees and early-rising business travellers will find a refreshing selection of fruits and juices on our morning joggers' table.

Experience extraordinary variety throughout the day: The Lobby Lounge offers coffee specialities, sweet delicacies from the in-house patisserie, and a sophisticated menu throughout the day. In the evening you can enjoy tasty snacks and 150 varieties of gin at the House of Gin.

Daily from 11:30 am to 11 pm, we will be pleased to serve selected dishes in our Lobby Lounge area.

Highlights from our menu:

Caesar salad

Romaine lettuce – baked tomatoes – parmesan – capers – anchovy – croutons


Pastrami Sandwich

Toast – red chard – cucumber relish – Steakhouse Fries


Palace Burger – 180g beef

Cheddar cheese – red onion chutney – grilled king oyster mushroom – potato wedges



Escalope of veal – potato cucumber salad – seasonal leaf salad


House of Gin‘s curry sausage

Apple curry sauce – steakhouse fries


Palace Club Sandwich

bread with olive and tomato – roasted turkey breast – fried egg – tomato chutney – red chard bacon marmalade – Steakhouse Fries

 and much more……


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