Sam’s Diner & Cocktails

'The bar is a place to communicate ... and that's what I love'...

Sam's Diner & Cocktails at the Hotel Palace is the perfect place to relax and wind up your day. The classic, elegant interior is punctuated by cool elements with an almost industrial effect and bright, expressionist photographs. A real change of direction that gives it an inimitable, expressive character. From the popular seats at the semicircular bar patrons can keep an eye on the bartenders as they nimbly mixes professional cocktails.

Along with the impressive range of classical cocktails, long drinks, fancy cocktails, tropical drinks, spirits and liquors, the bar menu offers a remarkable selection of 120 different gin types from around the world - from England classics and Belgium's best to Indian and Canadian gins. These are served with speciality tonic waters to create your one-of-a-kind gin and tonic.
Whisk(e)y lovers can also choose from a variety of whisk(e)ys.

For exclusive customer parties, cocktail receptions or birthday parties, Sam's Diner & Cocktails can be hired along with the barkeeper. Whisky and cocktail appreciation courses are also held on request from groups of six.

Opening hours:

from 6 pm to 1 am