Gourmet restaurant "first floor" ranks higher in German restaurant guide

In its current issue of "Germany’s  best restaurants 2013/2014" the renowned German gourmet magazine “Der Feinschmecker” rated the gourmet restaurant "first floor" with 3.5 “Feinschmecker” F's – a half a rating point higher than before.

The reason for this: "Matthias Diether's style is now even clearer, even more surprising ... the main products are the centerpiece of his aroma strong main dishes... Diether works with a few ingredients only, but put them together prudently, and all is worked out precisely.”

In Berlin, besides the "first floor" there are only two other restaurants which are rated with 3.5 F's and three restaurants with 4 F's.

Chef Matthias Diether and his team are very excited about the recognition of their performance.

Visit the "first floor" team and explore yourself…

Reserve your table at +49 (0)30 2502-1020 or online at www.firstfloor.palace.de

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