Food Fashion by Gourmetrestaurant "first floor"!

Candy floss - Berries - Pomegranate seeds / © Photograph by Kerstin zu Pan

The culinary creations of chef Matthias Diether are exquisite works of art in their own right – each one original, surprising and aesthetic.

But how do you translate three-dimensional works of art into two-dimensional pictures? Candlelit couples mooning at each other over crème brûlée? Boring! A sommelier, serving a bottle of wine as if it were the Holy Grail? Yawn…

Hotel Palace General Manager Michael Frenzel explains: „We are of the opinion that Matthias Diether‘s amazing creations deserve something much more exciting. Our search for the right person to do the job led us to Kerstin zu Pan, one of Germany‘s best and most original photographers. Together with her we developed a concept for the most unusual photo shoot the Hotel Palace has ever done: Food Fashion! Our aim: aesthetic, elegant photos that show food in an unusual context, tell a story, are sexy, with a wink and a smile and a definite aha effect”.

The intensive cooperation between photographer Kerstin zu Pan and chef de cuisine Matthias Diether, supported by two food stylists, a make-up artist, a hair stylist and two models, has resulted in an exceptional and beautiful series of photographs. A scarf turns out to be candy floss, a pillbox hat is made of pulled sugar, beads are sesame seeds – many of the details only reveal themselves at a second or even third glance. What the pictures do not betray is how much hard work and ingenuity went into making them. How do you get candy floss to ”fly“ in the beam of a spotlight? How do you make a Berlin tattoo out of edible ”soil“? Two of these extraordinary photographs are on show at the Michelin-starred restaurant “first floor“ at the Hotel Palace Berlin. 

Photographer Kerstin zu Pan:

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