Berlin celebrates 30 years of the wall fall

This year it's been 30 years since the Berlin Wall fell and this has to be celebrated! On this occasion, there are a lot of events in Berlin. We have put together a few for you:

Open-air exhibitions throughout Berlin | Monday, 4th to Sunday, 10th November 2019
Huge 3D video projections of historical film and picture material in seven locations take visitors back to the time of change in 1989/1990. The large-format posters are accompanied by sound installations.
Seven open-air exhibitions in original locations throughout the city of Berlin seek to illustrate the history of the "Peaceful Revolution". The exhibitions are located in the following locations: Alexanderplatz, Gethsemanekirche, Brandenburg Gate, Kurfürstendamm, Stasi headquarters in Ruschestraße, East Side Gallery and Palast der Republik (Berlin City Palace).

Art installation: Your vision in heaven over Berlin | Monday, 4th to Sunday, 10th November 2019
Under the motto "Your vision in heaven over Berlin" all Berliners and friends of the city are currently invited to communicate their messages, wishes and hopes in 140 characters. These messages are pressed onto bands of different colors and a so-called Skynet is created, which stretches like a giant flag seemingly weightlessly from the Lindenrondell on the Samsonweg in front of the Brandenburg Gate over a hundred meters into the street of 17 June into the sky. The art installation was initiated by Patrick Shearn, Poetic Kinetics.

Art project "Berlin Handshape" - the Art of Encounter | Tuesday, 5th to Sunday, 10th of November
Since November 9, 1989, 10,957 days have passed on the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. For every day without the border in the heart of Berlin visitBerlin collects "Berlin Handshapes", the handprint of two people, from Tuesday to Sunday at the Berlin Wall Memorial. At the memorial, people of different backgrounds can talk to each other. A piece of sound, held together by both, symbolizes the moment of their exchange and remains as a witness to their encounter. Just in time for the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, all "Berlin Handshapes" - and thus all the stories - will be on display in Berlin as an art installation. "Berlin Handshape" is a project by visitBerlin and Handshape Project GmbH based on a concept by Meike Ziegler.

Q BERLIN The Berlin Conference on Freedom and Responsibility | Thursday, 7th and Friday, 8th of November
Q BERLIN - The Berlin Conference on Freedom and Responsibility is entering its third round, bringing people together for two days to discuss the issues surrounding a responsible life together. Berlin stands for freedom, courage and tolerance like no other city. At the same time: What is being negotiated in Berlin affects the world, what happens in the world touches Berlin. On behalf of the City of Berlin, visitBerlin is organizing the Q BERLIN - The Berlin Conference for Freedom and Responsibility for the third time. On November 7 and 8, 2019, it invites national and international actors, experts and visionaries to present their Views around a responsible life together - in the now and in the future, to share and to discuss.


Fall of the Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg Gate | Saturday, November 9th
The Berliners and their guests celebrate the evening of 9 November at the Brandenburg Gate with a big stage show. The music festival brings national and international artists to the stage in front of Berlin's most important landmark.

Commemoration ceremony at the Glienicker Brücke | Sunday, November 10th
The state of Brandenburg commemorates the fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago with a central event at the Glienicke Bridge. The Glienicker Bridge is probably one of the most emblematic places of the border opening in the countries of Brandenburg and Berlin. The bridge was opened on 10 November 1989 at 6 pm for international traffic.


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