Berlin highlights in April

Blick in den Glashof_intonations_13_: Das Kammermusikfestival »intonations - das Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival« im Jüdischen Museum Berlin 2013 © Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Foto: Monika Rittershaus


The weather in April is notoriously unpredictable, but that doesn’t matter when the events on offer are as varied as they are in Berlin. For children, art lovers and culture vultures, there is plenty to choose from this month.

 ... for film lovers

 15 – 22 April
achtung berlin - new berlin film award

With a focus on filmmaking in Berlin, achtung berlin has succeeded in establishing itself as Berlin’s third largest film festival with 14,000 visitors. The programme for the eleventh festival consists of around 90 films that were produced or filmed in and around Berlin.

These films include both expansive projects with well-known actors and low budget productions, and the event organisers promise “jewels with local colour that are well worth seeing” amongst the documentary films and the internationally recognised films on show. Medium-length and short films complete the menu for film lovers.

... for friends of classical music

18 – 23 April
Intonations (Jerusalem music festival)

The late works of Brahms, Beethoven and Bach, international soloists, top musicians and young talents, all against a breathtaking backdrop: all of this is on offer at the Jewish Chamber Music Festival called ‘intonations’ from 18 to 23 April in the glass atrium of the Jewish Museum in Berlin.

‘intonations’, the Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival, is one of the most important cultural events in Israel. In the glass atrium designed by Daniel Liebeskind, artists from all over the world share cultural dialogue and a love of chamber music with a Berlin audience for the fourth year running.

 ... for the kids

25 – 26 April
23 Nisan (Children’s festival at the Brandenburg Gate)

With drawing competitions, a mini-marathon, a football tournament and Olympic Games, countless visitors are expected at the Brandenburg Gate on the final weekend in April for a huge festival for children.

The name of the festival comes from the date of the foundation of the state of Turkey: on 23 April (Turkish: 23 Nisan) 1920 Mustafa Kemal Atatürk dedicated the day to the young, saying “children are our future“. Since 1979, it also carries the title “international children’s festival“, which underscores the desire to encourage mutual integration and understanding of other cultures as well as brotherhood and friendship between children.


... for house hunters

25 – 26 April
Berliner Immobilienmesse (Berlin real estate show, BIM)

Berlin is growing. Living space is in demand, real estate prices are rising. Experts see real value in the Berlin market, and therefore advise renters to buy. At the Berlin real estate show at the former airport in Tempelhof, visitors can gain an overview of what is available in the city: all the large and many small Berlin construction companies will be offering over 5,000 apartments, houses and plots.

In specialist lectures and podium discussions, experts offer insights into the real estate market of the capital city. Since the decision to invest in real estate involves a great deal of financial issues, banks and other institutions will also be present to provide advice on their products.

 ... for fans of comics, animation and design

29 April – 3 May
Pictoplasma (Festival for figure design)

Even in the first King Kong film in 1933, typography was used as a dramaturgic device in a motion picture. Since then, the design of such motion graphics, as well as the design of figures, has developed enormously. Since 1999, the Pictoplasma project in Berlin has been collecting ‘character designs’ that extend beyond mascots, advertising vehicles and comic book heroes.

This year’s Pictoplasma Festival features the work of over 40 artists, illustrators and designers in the former crematorium Silent Green in the city district of Wedding. In addition, a second exhibition at Urban Spree presents the talents of the graduates of the Pictoplasma Academy. Entry to both exhibitions is free. For moving pictures, it’s worth taking a trip to Mitte: for the duration of the festival, animated short films, motion graphics and experimental animations will be shown at Babylon cinema. 

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