9th Berlin Waiter Race

More than 60 participants have measured themselves in seven different categories: the bellboys balanced ten kilos of heavy, red suitcases on the Kurfürstendamm, bartenders had to mix along the way a cocktail of brown rum, cola, coconut milk and ice cubes.

The starting signal for the 9th waiter race was given by TV chef Ralf Zacherl. The participants were cheered on by around 500 onlookers who could not be stopped by the rain and cool temperatures.

Our colleagues Malte Robering and Cedric Kengo were there and represented the Hotel Palace very well. With great skill and speed, they carried trays full of coffee cups, mixed drinks on the way and prepared desserts. It was not to be overlooked, with which fun and pride the participants were there.



Classic music, new movies and Berlin art are on the program in April:

7 April 2019 Half-Marathon Berlin

9-11 April 2019 DMEA

10-17 April 2019 achtung berlin – new berlin film award 2019

12-22 April 2019 Festtage der Staatsoper

21 April 2019 Easter Brunch at Hotel Palace Berlin

26-28 April 2019 Gallery Weekend



Hotel Palace Berlin‘s BBQ events start in May; in addition, we offer jazz, football and Formula E:

1-4 May 2019 50th DDG Convention

3-19 May 2019 56th Theatertreffen

8-12 May 2019 XJAZZ

21-23 May 2019 CWIEME

24 May 2019 BBQ @ Hotel Palace Berlin

25 May 2019 DFB Cup Final

25 May 2019 FIA Formula E

29 May-1 June 2019 Diabetes Convention



Celebrate the joy of life at Carnival of Cultures and Fête de la Musique in June:

7-10 June 2019 Carnival of Cultures

17 June 2019 Happy Birthday, beef 45!

17-21 June 2019 14th IFSSH & 11th IFSHT Triennial Congress

18-20 June 2019 Stage|Set|Scenery

21 June 2019 Fête de la Musique

27-29 June 2019 Senology Convention

29 June 2019 Berliner Philharmoniker @ Waldbühne

tbd Velothon Berlin

every Friday in June BBQ @ Hotel Palace Berlin



Crazy outfits and spectacular styles will be presented at both the Berlin Fashion Week and the CSD in July:

2-6 July 2019 Berlin Fashion Week

4 July 2019 BBQ @ Hotel Palace Berlin

4-8 July 2019 Classic Open Air

17-20 July 2019 WCBCT

27 July 2019 Christopher Street Day

every Friday in July (except 5 July) BBQ @ Hotel Palace Berlin



Relax under the fireworks of Pyronale or while eating delicious meat in August:

30-31 August 2019 Pyronale

30 August-19 September 2019 Musikfest Berlin

every Friday in August BBQ @ Hotel Palace Berlin



In September, IFA presents the latest inventions, and the marathon may present a new world record:

1 September 2019 International Stadium Festival ISTAF

6-11 September 2019 IFA Berlin

7-8 September 2019 Lollapalooza Berlin

11-15 September 2019 Berlin Art Week

24-27 September 2019 CMS 19

28 September-2 October 2019 ESICM

29 September 2019 46th BMW Berlin-Marathon



Berlin lights up in October while international bartenders shake their best drinks:

6-9 October 2019 EPCA

7-9 October 2019 Bar Convent Berlin

11-14 October 2019 DGHO Convention

31 October-3 November 2019 JazzFest Berlin

tbd Berlin leuchtet & Festival of Lights



Early Christmas shopping can be done at Bazaar Berlin in November, and the Christmas market season begins:

6-10 November 2019 Bazaar Berlin

9 November 2019 Long Night of Hotelbars at House of Gin

as of 25 November 2019 Christmas Markets in Berlin

27-30 November 2019 DGPPN Convention



Spend a cosy afternoon at our Advent Brunch before the busy Christmas season begins:

1 December 2019 Advent Brunch at Hotel Palace Berlin

24 December 2019 Merry Christmas!

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