When the River Rhine meets the River Spree – 9th Big Bottle Party

This year, Germany‘s largest big bottle event is dedicated to the best vintners and chefs from the Rhineland-Palatinate region. Following this year’s theme, “Rhineland-Palatinate meets Berlin”, the “first floor” restaurant‘s host duo, Gunnar Tietz and Matthias Diether, present the Rhineland-Palatinate region‘s top-tier culinary stars: 40 vintners and four master chefs.

In honour of our theme, this year‘s party is shaking things up: Instead of being celebrated in its typical location, the Hotel Palace Berlin, the Big Bottle Party will take place in the Rhineland-Palatinate State Representative Building in Berlin‘s Ministerial Gardens.

As always, top chef Thomas Martin**, chocolatier Gerhard Skrovanek and cheese affineur Bernard Antony will lend their talents to the evening.


Wolfgang Becker (Becker’s, 2 Michelin Stars)
Frank Buchholz (Buchholz Restaurant, 1 Michelin Star)
Stefan Neugebauer (Schwarzer Hahn, 1 Michelin Star)
Daniel Schimkowitsch (Ketschauer Hof, 1 Michelin Star)
Thomas Martin (Louis C. Jacob, 2 Michelin Stars)
Matthias Diether ("first floor" 1 Michelin Star)
Wolfgang Otto (Otto Gourmet)
Chocolatier Gerhard Skrovanek, Skrovanek Edelpralinen Manufaktur
Käseveredler Maître Bernard Antony, Elsass

Big Bottle Party Bookazine 2015 here as an eBook

Reservations can be made at +49 30 2502 1126 or via Email a.vos@palace.de.

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