Mall of Berlin


Mall of Berlin: Recollections of Georg Wertheim’s vision 

The centre of Berlin has gained an attraction: in the vicinity of sights such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and Potsdamer Platz, Berliners and tourists can shop and stroll in the capital’s second largest shopping centre – in the ‘Mall of Berlin’, open since September. It contains 270 shops over 76,000 square metres, as well as offices, 270 apartments, a hotel, and a car park with 1,000 spaces. An entirely new city district has been created, commended Berlin’s then-Mayor Klaus Wowereit – and on a historical site, too. Before the Wall cut through Berlin, the famous Wertheim department store stood at this location. With its enormous front windows and 24-metre high atrium, it was the most beautiful department store in all of Germany at the beginning of the 20th century. In the ‘Mall of Berlin’, the arcade arches invoke the erstwhile ‘cathedral of consumption’, and historical photos recall the Wertheim building, which was destroyed in World War II and later torn down completely. The project developer Harald Huth – who also built the ‘Gropius-Passagen’ and ‘Das Schloss’ shopping centres in Berlin – aims to “bring Georg Wertheim’s vision back to life” with the Mall of Berlin and to remind us of the splendour of bygone times.  

Over three storeys, visitors can stroll through this bright temple of goods, along a beautifully lit passage under a curved glass roof connecting the two buildings of the mall between the Bundesrat  (Leipziger Straße) and the Holocaust Memorial (Voßstraße). On the passages to each floor, you can cast your eye over the view – over the visitors taking a break with a latte macchiato in the cafe in the arcade, and of course over the countless shops.

With its large choice of brands, the mall appeals to a broad base of customers. If you’re looking for a stylish outfit, you’ll find what you’re looking for at shops like Peek & Cloppenburg, C&A or H&M, as well as shops whose names promise exclusivity, such as Karl Lagerfeld or Armani. The kids will probably make their way straight to the second floor, where the latest teen trends are catered for. The perfect accessories, shoes, jewellry – all of these can be found, as well as goods for daily use and electronics. And no one has to shop with a rumbling stomach: there are over 30 restaurants in the mall. You can also burn the calories straight off with a visit to ‘Hard Candy’, a fitness studio chain founded by the singer Madonna.

Still not enough choice? There are already plans for expansion. Fifty more shops in the neighbourhood have already been announced by investors – fifty more shops with style.   

Opening hours:

All shops                                             Monday to Saturday from 10am to 9pm

Open before 10am:

Kaiser’s and Aldi                              8am to 9pm

Berliner Sparkasse

SB service centre                            24 h

Customer service                           Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 6pm

Hard Candy Fitness Women       Monday to Friday from 7am to 11pm, Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 8pm

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