Newly-Defined Luxury on the 9th Floor

The Hotel Palace Berlin has successfully completed the renovations of its luxury suites on the 9th floor. The newly refreshed suites distinguish themselves by a modern mix of luxurious furniture and fresh colors. Almost one million Euros were invested in the project, and with the resulting improvements, the Hotel Palace Berlin is now ready to celebrate its 50th birthday in 2018.

Michael Frenzel, General Manager: “No architect was involved in the renovation of our luxury suites. The team of the Hotel Palace Berlin and I hand-picked each item ourselves and brought all components in our new suites together. We are very proud of the amazing result we achieved.”

Dining Room in the Presidential Suite

The highlight of the 9th floor is the Royal Suite with 240 square meters and an extraordinary view of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Memorial-Church and the City West. The purple and pastel colors of the living room, with its welcoming seating area and piano, are an harmonious counterpoint to the green leaves on the wallpaper and the numerous mirrors in the dining room. The modern LED lighting system allows guests to choose colorful accents in their suite themselves.

Living Room in the Park Suite

The Park Suite, at 120 square meters, is done in the whole color spectrum of water – from light green and turquoise to royal blue – and is accented with modern-chic lamps. The Zoo Suite (55 square meters), Oriental Suite and Corner Suite (at 72 square meters each) were redesigned individually as well; artificial turf was laid out on the roof.

Corner Suite: Living Room

A modern, urban elegance characterizes all newly-designed suites. Top-of-the-line luxury bedding guarantees excellent sleeping comfort. Carefully-chosen decoration and stylish accessories give each suite a personal touch. The new green roof underlines the Hotel Palace Berlin’s character as privately-run hotel and sanctuary in the heart of the capital.

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