Two bloggers come to visit

Morning work out at Hotel Palace Berlin's very cool gym. Check out the sexy kinesis machines”: a message from the “Nomadic Boys” to their fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on 23 March, one of five posts made by the travel bloggers over the course of their stay in the Hotel Palace Berlin.

For the Greek-born Londoner Stefan Arestis (33) and the Frenchman Sebastien Chaneac (33), it has become second nature to post photos of their food, or shots from their hotel rooms or a jacuzzi on social networks – there are a lot of fans of their highly successful blog who want to hear the latest from their current trip. Their photos and posts reach almost 10,000 fans on Facebook, 35,000 followers on Twitter and 33,500 subscribers on Instagram.

The blogger’s reach

Travel bloggers measure their success from their reach on social networks. Fans keep returning to their blog for their wide variety of culinary and cultural experiences, as well as tips for going out and places to stay. With high readership numbers, they can also finance their longer trips with the blog thanks to advertisements in the form of editorial content or affiliate marketing.

These travel bloggers with a large reach are of interest to the hotels they visit for two reasons: their authentic recommendations are meaningful for their fans, and their prominent links and mentions increase online presence. For these reasons, they are often invited to stay at hotels. This online presence is becoming more and more important for hotels: after all, it’s not just digital natives who are comparing prices online or searching for reviews and tips.

Travel trends: booking online

The short digital booking paths on tourist websites such as TripAdvisor can be quickly and efficiently navigated: according to a study by the German digital association BITKOM, 34 million Germans booked their trips online in 2014. In Europe, some 60 % of travellers book online.

After their four-day stay in the Hotel Palace Berlin, including breakfast in Bon Dia, access to the Palace Spa and to the Club Lounge, the bloggers were full of praise: “This is the place to come and truly spoil yourself”, they wrote in their extensive trip report on Schöneberg, and recommended the hotel to anyone searching for a luxurious alternative.

Blogging becomes a job

But how can you reach so many fans, and why do so many people read travel blogs? As well as the bloggers’ authenticity, the quality of the texts is also important. It is no coincidence that many successful bloggers have a background in PR, journalism or tourism. Online marketing also becomes relevant once a certain amount of success has been achieved.

That was the case for the “Nomadic Boys” too:  in 2014 they quit their jobs to discover Asia. The trip was a dream come true – and is one that they can now continue thanks to the rapid and unexpected success of their blog. As a lawyer and an IT specialist, they don’t have the classic blogger’s background, but their experiences and passion for travelling and other cultures are highly compelling. They also cater for a specific target group in the gay community, and the concept really appears to be taking off.

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