Your Berlin Highlights in August

Also in August 2019 Berlin is full of events. Whether a trip to the zoo or a particularly shooting star stream ... We have put together the August highlights for you:


175 years Zoo Berlin | 1st - 4th of August

The Zoo Berlin is the oldest zoo in Germany celebrating its 175th anniversary. "We would like to use our big anniversary to take a look back at the past and celebrate together with our guests," declares Zoo and Tierpark Director Dr. Ing. Andreas Knieriem. A solemn birthday cake celebrates the remarkable jubilee of the world's most species-rich zoo on 1 August. On the 2nd of August, the zoo will even open for the first time a full 175 minutes, so that Berliners and tourists from all over the world can enjoy the magical evening atmosphere with Okapi, Elefant and Co. until 9:25 pm. On the following weekend, visitors can expect a colorful program in an exotic setting.


BBQ at the Hotel Palace Berlin | 2nd and 23rd of August

The Hotel Palace Berlin invites you to linger on a cozy terrace. Enjoy exclusive BBQ nights on Friday the 2nd and Friday, the 23rd of August. Look forward to "All you can eat" and "beer all you can drink". As an alternative to beer, summer rosé wine is served.


The Finals | 3rd - 4th of August

"The Finals - Berlin 2019" combine 10 German championships in track cycling, archery, boxing and canoeing, in athletics, modern pentathlon, swimming and gymnastics, triathlon and trial. Ten German Championships in one city and one weekend, more than 3,300 athletes fighting for a total of 202 decisions within 48 hours: Berlin invites to a sports weekend of superlatives on 3 and 4 August 2019.


Summer bash feat. Tanqueray Gin | 8th August

Are you in the mood for a unique, summery gin experience in Berlin? We invite you to end the evening with Tanqueray on Thursday, 8th of August on our terrace of the House of Gin. Look forward to an exclusive Tanquery outdoor bar with drinks at special prices. The highlight: Just in time for the warm August, 2 different frozen drinks from the Slushy machine will be served! In cooperation with TanquerayGin, we welcome you to a sundowner of a special kind.


Reopening restaurant beef 45 | 12th August

After a creative summer break, the beef 45 restaurant welcomes you again from Monday 12th August. You love meat? Then you will like the beef 45, because it is the restaurant for Berlin meat lovers. Surrounded by an exclusive ambience, you can fully concentrate on the essentials: Charolais (burgundy gourmet beef), US Black Angus flank steak (top-class meat, US aromatic tip) and Simmentaler (strong and genuine meat) are the basis of all offered food. The focus is entirely on high-quality meat, which is staged with the sous vide method. Take a look at the menu ».


Shooting Star Night | 12th August

In August, a special natural spectacle can be observed in Berlin (and everywhere in the world). Then, when the earth touches the orbit of comet Swift-Tuttle and the meteor shower of the Perseids, and thousands of falling stars rain down from the firmament. In this event, up to 100 shooting stars per hour can be seen in the sky. Especially during the night of the 12th to the 13th of August, ie the night of Tuesday, a real falling-down shower is expected.


Open Day of the Federal Government | 17th - 18th of August

On 17 and 18 August 2019, the Federal Chancellery, the Federal Ministries and the Federal Press Office will reopen their doors. For the 21st time, the red carpet will be rolled out for citizens. Also this year there is a wide range of information and entertainment. The focus is on personal exchange - be it with employees or members of the Federal Government.


Long Night of the Museums | August 31st

Typical of the Long Night of the Museums are the unusual opening hours until 2:00 am, the enormous variety of programs, the look behind the scenes of the museums, the personal encounters with museum makers and not forgetting the convenient bus shuttle that connects the museums on different routes combines. On August 31, 2019, another 75 museums will be inviting to approximately 750 events.


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