Lunch & Dinner at the Lobby Lounge

The Lobby Lounge, with its cozy atmosphere and with great attention to detail, is the perfect place to stay. Relax with selected coffee and tea specialties, with sweet sins from our pâtisserie or with a glass of tingling champagne.

In the back of our Lobby Lounge, you can enjoy a delicious meal in stylish surroundings or enjoy an extensive dinner in the evening, while our attentive service will satisfy your needs.

From 12 to 10 pm, we will be pleased to serve selected warm dishes. Have a look at our Lobby Lounge menu ».



Saisonal menu


Simmental roast beef
Savoy cabbage, pumpkin, pomegranate, hazelnut

€ 17,00


Arctic char
Black radish, matcha, sweet potato

€ 17,00


Rice cookies (vegan)
Carrot, silk tofu, corn, avocado

€ 16,00



Scallop, black pudding
Passion fruit, young leek, beluga lentils, port wine

 € 12,50


main course


Duroc pig chop
Rutabaga, oyster mushrooms, parsley, pear

€ 29,00


Red mullet
Thai asparagus, manjuk, mango, primal carrot

€ 29,50


Chickpea (vegan)
Brussels sprouts, chestnut, coriander, oyster mushroom

€ 22,50



Dark chocolate, grapefruit, thyme, yogurt

€ 11,00

Kumquat, crème fraîche, cardamom, vanilla

€ 11,00


3 course menu (soup, main course, dessert)   € 52,00

3 course menu (starter, main course, dessert)    € 56,00

4 course menu (starter, soup, main course, dessert)  € 66,00