Lunch & Dinner at the Lobby Lounge

Lobby Lounge

The Lobby Lounge, with its cozy atmosphere and with great attention to detail, is the perfect place to stay. Relax with selected coffee and tea specialties, with sweet sins from our pâtisserie or with a glass of tingling champagne.

In the back of our Lobby Lounge, you can enjoy a delicious meal in stylish surroundings or enjoy an extensive dinner in the evening, while our attentive service will satisfy your needs. In addition, live music accompanies the dinner several times per month.

Every day from 2:00 to 6:00 pm we serve you an afternoon tea or you can choose from our cake selection and from 11:30 am to 11 pm, we will be pleased to serve selected warm dishes.

Summer Menu until 2 September 2018


Corn-oregano muffin, caramelized baby corn, corn crème, salty popcorn, oregano milkshake

Saddle of lamb in spring roll crust, red paprika granité, yellow paprika marmalade, dried tomatoes, onion gel, courgette spaghetti

Filled calamary, tomato-fennel relish, tomato meringue, couscous, fennel salad, basil cress


Cantaloupe melon-chilli soup, roasted shrimp, smoked Canary melon foam

Main Course

Saddle of veal and golden oyster mushroom involtini, celery-tarragon mash, apricot ragout, port wine gravy

Grilled swordfish, lotus root, carrots, leek, summer roll, avocado crème, vanilla gel

Roasted zander, blue potato mousseline, orange herbs, Kaffir lime foam


Kirschwasser mousse in honey-caramel-chocolate-spices cake, cherry gum, cherry sorbet, cubeb pepper

Piece of cake with citrus thyme, blueberry, Greek yoghurt, Prosecco-raspberry marshmallow, yoghurt sorbet,cassis meringue

Fall Menu as of 3 September 2018


Hokkaido pumpkin mousse, malt beer jelly, pickled egg yolk, grilled pumpkin foam, marinated red onion, pumpkin seed malto

Sturgeon carpaccio and terrine, pickled beetroot, beluga lentils salad, spinach gel, herb ashes

Jellied beef ragout, garlic sour cream, pickled parsnip, parsley sponge, parsley sauce


Curry soup, pumpkin-ginger ragout, baked rice ball, pumpkin seed oil

Main Course

Poached halibut in mangel crust, water chestnut ragout and crème, sautéed pointed cabbage, baked prawn crackers, kalamansi gel, coriander stock

Fawn tenderloin, pistaccio crust, red spiced pear, roasted pied-de-mouton, sweet potato mash, elderberry gel, juniper gravy

Silken tofu pralines, grilled parsley root, blackened young leek, black chanterelles, beetroot, licorice marshmallow


Hokkaido pumpkin mousse, pumpkin seed sponge, chocolate jelly, quinoa crunch, chocolate-cardamom crème

Plum dumplings, walnut crumble, stewed plums, orange truffles, chocolate-curd sorbet