Lunch & Dinner at the Lobby Lounge

Lobby Lounge

The Lobby Lounge, with its cozy atmosphere and with great attention to detail, is the perfect place to stay. Relax with selected coffee and tea specialties, with sweet sins from our pâtisserie or with a glass of tingling champagne.

In the back of our Lobby Lounge, you can enjoy a delicious meal in stylish surroundings or enjoy an extensive dinner in the evening, while our attentive service will satisfy your needs. In addition, live music accompanies the dinner several times per month.

Every day from 2:00 to 6:00 pm we serve you an afternoon tea or you can choose from our cake selection and from 11:30 am to 10 pm, we will be pleased to serve selected warm dishes. Have a look at our Lobby Lounge menu ».

Autumn Menu


Wild boar, beetroot, pointed cabbage  | 18,00 €
Pastrami wild boar belly, stewed cheek, shoulder praline, apple and cabbage lettuce, fermented beetroot,  yellow beet horseradish cream, beetroot gel, Georgia beet carpaccio

Fin de Claire oysters, lime, spinach, pumpernickel, cheddar | 18,00 €
Baked, gratinated, raw Fin de Clair oysters, root vegetables, lime oil, spinach, sauce hollondaise,  Pumpernickel chips, sliced cheddar

Pumpkin, fig, goat cheese | 16,00 €
Pumpkin crème brûlée, port wine figs, pumpkin seed pongee, pumpkin chutney, goat cheese cream, lemon thyme emulsion


Lobster, monkfish, leeks | 12,50 €
Lobster essence, smoked tatar from monkfish, sesame leek salad

Main Course

Halibut, cod, oats, dried fruit | 28,00 €
Halibut fillet, oat crust, dried fruit, pecan nuts, beta sweet carrot, cod brandade

Deer calf, sweet potato, porcini, cranberry | 29,50 €
Venison back veal, porcini mushrooms "Tuscan Style", sweet potato puree, baked sweet potato,  cranberry jam, juniper juice

Fermented garlic, white beans, soy | 25,00 €
Baked soy leaf, white bean mousse, black garlic, soy yogurt, red onion jam


Apricot, ricotta, honey, oats | 11,00 €
Apricot sorbet, apricot gel, ricotta honey mousse, oat crumble, pickled apricot slices, honey dip

Fried ice cream - berries | 11,00 €
Pumpkin, vanilla, beetroot, berry sauce, cress 

3 course menu (soup, main course, dessert)  € 52,00
3 course menu (starter, main course, dessert)  € 54,00 
4 course menu (starter, entrée, main course, dessert) € 65,00