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Mysterious and Elegant

Prozessionsstraße/Ischtartor: 3,766 sq. ft

Max. Guests Banquet: 140 Reception: 200

The world famous reconstructions of the monumental splendid buildings of Babylon become the atmospheric setting for extraordinary events for up to 200 persons. A night in the museum leaves traces – a lasting memory.

Prince or Princess for a Day

Vestibule at the Orangery: 12.374 sqft Western Gallery: 5727 sqft Eastern Gallery: 5727 sqft

Max. Guests Banquet: 500 Reception: 1.000

The former residence of the (family of) Hohenzollern impresses with its courtly elegance. The orangery can be used for exhibitions or receptions for up to 1.000 people. The views into the baroque garden are unparalleled.

Imposing and Dignified

Bärensaal: 4.153 sqft

Max. Guests Banquet: 200 Reception: 500

The tower of the Altes Stadthaus is one of the most impressive buildings in Berlin, especially on days when the bronze statue of Fortuna gleams in the sun and fortune literally seems to be "smiling". The stars are generally of great importance at this location. The sun creates a dramatic effect when it shines through a high window directly onto the monumental statue of a bear - Berlin's heraldic animal - from which the Bärensaal or "bear hall" derives its name. But even on cloudy days, the historical Bärensaal provides a dignified setting for an event to remember.

Baroque and Postmodernism in Harmony

Glashof: 6.944 sqft

Max. Guests Banquet: 320 Reception: 650

If one is looking for an authentic historical setting, the baroque old building of the Jewish museum is a true gem in this city. Next to it is the architectural stroke of genius by Daniel Libeskind, who, with his modern new building, has constructed a location of international standards. The multi-functional rooms are technologically perfectly equipped and offer the ideal frame for 70 to 650 people.

Driving Culture at Its Best

Event Area: 8.608 sqft Max. Guests Banquet: 400 Reception: 600

Atrium: 200 qm Max. Guests Banquet: 80 Reception: 80

With chrome or without – the Classic Remise impresses with an extensive event area, which upon request, offers space for stylish luxury limousines. Most certainly this is an attractive location for topics around human mobility. Enticing is also the play with opposites. Why not present a fashion show or invite marine biologists? In the atrium you can receive your guests in style.

Hippopotamus House

Hippopotamus House: 3.766 sqft Max. Guests Banquet: 150 Reception: 200

A dinner for a smaller circle of up to 150 people, in the Hippopotamus house of the zoo is possible.

Things of Everyday Use in Exciting Perspective

Terrace: 6.456 sqft Max. Guests Banquet: 350 Reception: 600

Terrace with Raisin Bomber (Candy Bomber): 3.228 sqft Max. Guests Banquet: 80 Reception: 300

Crow’s Nest: 5.918 sqft Max. Guests Banquet: 300 Reception: 500

Engine Shed I: 2.475 sqft Max. Guests Banquet: 100 Reception: 350

Engine Shed II: 5.380 sqft Max. Guests Banquet: 350 Reception: 600

The Museum of Technology in Berlin resides in the historic buildings of the Anhalt goods station. In the engine shed, around 350 guests can celebrate between historic engines. Individual guided tours are available upon request. Extra plus point: The open area in front of the engine shed can be used as a terrace during summer.

A Powerhouse of Ideas

Atrium: 12.912 sqft

Max. Guests Banquet: 500 Reception: 1.000

Atrium: 12.912 sqft

Brick façade ogles futuristic tube: The careful modernization of the former gas plant created a building complex that is unique in Europe. With 12.912 sqft overall area and 32 metres ceiling height, the light-flooded atrium offers the perfect space for big presentations and high-rising attractions with up to 1.300 people. Additional plus: Spectacular views from the Spree-terrace.

Creative Space for Dialogue

Hall: 4.239 sqft Max. Guests Banquet: 240 Reception: 330

Grand Hall: 6.219 sqft Max. Guests Banquet: 350 Reception: 700

Spreeterrasse: 4.841 sqft Max. Guests Banquet: 120

The 100 years old pumping station with its modern glass annex offers extraordinary high flexibility in the use of 30.128 sqft at this event location. Ideal, if the creative surroundings between Mitte, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain are desired. The view of the Spree is included: During the summer, the 4.304 sqft terrace enchants with almost Mediterranean flair.

Power Station - Where Functionality Meets Aesthetics

Hall F: 6.456 sqft Max. Guests Banquet: 350 Reception: 900

Hall C: 6.556 sqft Max. Guests Banquet: 220 Reception: 900

Terrace: 4.412 sqft Max. Guests Banquet: 80 Reception: 200

The oldest building for power generation in Germany will not only electrify technology enthusiasts. The multi-faceted event areas in the charmingly revitalised brick building always create new and unusual room dimensions. From the rough appearance of the industrial hall to the stylish courtyard and up to the roof this object is a highlight under the locations in Berlin.