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Hotel Palace Berlin

Goose to Go (not available anymore)


Dear goose fans,

with a heavy heart we have decided to discontinue our Gans to Go sales campaign this year.

Unfortunately, our suppliers cannot guarantee us the quantity, size or quality of the geese ordered. However, we insist on delivering the same quality to our guests and on creating a nice evening with the family.

Nothing is worse than when the food is not enough, the quality is not right or the roast goose you ordered does not come in the first place.

To protect our guests and for our own quality standards, we will forego the goose to go this year.

All geese that have already been reserved will of course be prepared by us.

In 2022 we will start again in full “goose flight”!

Thank you for your understanding.



Also this year we will take over the preparation of the festive menu for you. Enjoy a crispy roast goose, homemade dumplings, red and kale, as well as baked apple puree and traditional gravy.

145 euros per goose HOT including side dishes for 4 people and 1 bottle of red wine

125 euros per goose Do It Yourself Cold including side dishes for 4 people and 1 bottle of red wine

We also offer you:

  • Portion of dumplings (2 pieces) for 3.00 euros
  • Portion of red cabbage (per person) for 3.50 euros
  • Portion of kale (per person) for 3.50 euros
  • Extra gravy for 7 euros


You can add these treats to your holiday feast:

  • Lamb's lettuce with bacon dressing - 32 euros for 4 people
  • Pumpkin soup - 40 euros for 4 people
  • Cinnamon cream - 32 euros for 4 people
  • Winter fruit salad - 40 euros for 4 people
  • Pommery champagne (0.75l) 109 euros


Pre-payment, only pick-up possible.

We look forward to your order! You will receive a written confirmation within three days between Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Additional treats for 4 people each