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Hotel Palace Berlin

Employees at the Hotel Palace Berlin

With us, the focus is on the employee, which is why our activities aim to integrate your well into the team, to orientate oneself quickly in one's position and to be a great host and representative of the Hotel Palace Berlin.


You can find our jobs here:

Stellenanzeigen Jobs im Hotel Palace Berlin
Stellenanzeigen Jobs im Hotel Palace Berlin

What we offer:

Into the job

  • Pre-training & post-training (introductory days & feedback familiarization phase)
  • E-learning modules from Leading Hotels of the World for the operational areas


On the job

  • Departmental training for our experts


Off the job

  • Professional Excellence Training (internal in-house training)
  • Specialist training (external in-house training)
  • Safety & fire protection workshops and / or trainings


In addition, we offer ...

  • Target agreement system with associated advanced and advanced training planning
  • Employee and team awards with a voucher
  • Flexible working time models in specific hotel areas
  • Bonus system in specific hotel areas
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