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Bar House of Gin Berlin
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House of Gin - your Gin Bar in Berlin

STAY GOLD! For us, means staying true to yourself and trying out new things, being willing to experiment and being open to new experiences.


We take you on a journey through time and the world with our interpretations of old and new gin cocktails. Sometimes experimental, sometimes classic to playful.


150 different gins, some from limited bottlings, are waiting to be discovered by you!


Daily as of 6 pm


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Bar House of Gin Berlin

Wednesday- Sunday

beef 45

House of Gin meets beef 45

Discover the potential of the combination of kitchen and bar - as the interaction of dishes from the restaurant beef 45 » and cocktails from the House of Gin creates completely new worlds of taste.


The heads behind the stove and the counter have concocted a very special “bar-food pairing” just for you.


We serve perfectly coordinated cocktails to go with our special, high-quality cuts of meat: the best of the beef 45 & House of Gin!

Gin Tasting Berlin House of Gin Hotel Palace Berlin

Gin Tasting
@ House of Gin

Both passionate connoisseurs with a desire for innovations and curious beginners can go on a discovery tour and even experience a personal gin trip around the world with one of the gin tasting menus. Because not all gins are the same!

Bar manager Frank Klevenow and his team explain everything about the history, place of origin, manufacturer, production and the individual character of the aromatic drop, while you indulge in the different flavors and delights of the juniper drink.



About 1½ to 2 hours. Other times can be agreed individually for group bookings.


Interesting for?

From gin tasting for beginners to gin & tonic tasting for groups of up to 25 people, there is something for every taste and level of knowledge.



1) Basic – € 50 per person

2) Advanced – € 55 per person

3) Expert – € 60 per person



We are happy to accept bookings via email at

Our Gin Tastings

1) Basic - 50 Euro per person, including 3 different gins, 3 Tonic Water and still water per personYou have the choose between:
1. Gin (classic) -> The Voyage, Hepple or Star of Bombay
2. Gin (herbaceous) -> Berlin Urban, Nordes or Birds
3. Gin (pink or rather Sloe) -> Sloe Gin, Hoxton Pink or Bitter Truth Pink


2) Advanced - 55 Euro per person, including 3 different gins, 3 Tonic Water and still water per person
You have the choose between:
1. Gin (tea) -> Masons, Copperhead Black Batch or Ziegler G&Tea
2. Gin (citrus) -> Rubus, Amazonian gin Company or Gin-Raw
3. Gin (NWD or rather mediterranean) -> Elixir, Occasion or Alkemist


3) Expert - 60 Euro per person, including 3 different gins, 3 Tonic Water and still water per person
You have the choose between:
1. Gin (citrus) -> Mermaids, Havn or DSM London Dry
2. Gin (aged/old Tom) -> Ki No Tou (KI NO BI), Smoked&Salted Nginious or Citadelle No Mistake
3. Gin (Navy or rather master cuts) -> Juniper Jack Navy, KI NO BI SEI, Buss509 Master or Elephant Aged


4) For Groups (10-25 persons), including 4 different gins, 4 Tonic Water and still water per person. In addition it is possible to book some fingerfood too. Individual arrangements for groups can be made.

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Restaurant beef 45 Berlin Hotel Palace Berlin

Do you fancy tender meat? Visit the beef 45 restaurant!

beef 45 restaurant

Discover the House of Gin bar and beef 45 restaurant through our 360° tour: