House of Gin - Your Gin Bar in Berlin

Walk through the Hotel Palace Berlin‘s elegant lobby, past the cosy Lounge Bar, and your journey will take you straight to the new House of Gin. Pass through the glass door and enter a world of groovy swing and jazz melodies, subdued lighting, dark leather seats, small, one-of-a-kind lounge tables and a stunning semi-circular bar. This is the House of Gin – and the name says it all. Though with a menu featuring 150 varieties of gin, it‘s really more like a mansion.

The bar‘s highlight is its extensive gin selection, which ranges from English classics to Finnish, Canadian or Belgian varietals and limited-batch Berlin gins. The menus present a true “gineology” of all 150 gins on offer, giving the enthusiast a chance to learn everything about that variety‘s history, origin, manufacturer, production and individual character.

The bar team begins by consulting with their guests to determine their flavour preferences, then prepares their chosen gin creation right before their eyes. True gin lovers even have the option of a tasting menu to guide them on a personal gin journey. The House of Gin also serves up cocktail classics like the Manhattan, Sazerac or Old Fashioned along with other short drinks.

We are renovating the House of Gin for you at the moment! In the meantime, you are invited to enjoy the offerings of the gin bar at our Lobby Lounge.

Sneak peak into our menu:

Berliner Brandstifter: the authentic Berliner tastes of malva and woodruff

Bol’s Genever: tastes of wheat/rye and has a long tradition, dating back to 1664

Gold 999: was originally distilled in a golden bubble, hence the name; ingredients are mandarins, vanilla, and almonds

Koval: comes from Illinois and convinces people with its notes of coriander, wild flowers, ginger, and pepper

Gin Mare: olive, herbs, Mediterranean – a real Spaniard

Monkey 47 Sloe Gin: sweet-fresh gin from the Black Forest

Pink 47: juniper and coriander mixed with water of the river Dee in Wales

Guests who prefer bubbly can choose their perfect glass from a fine champagne menu. Santé!

Opening hours: from 7:30 p.m. to 1 a.m.


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