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STAY GOLD! - Our motto is: to remain true to oneself and try new things, to experiment and to be open to experiences and tastes. We are ready, are you too?

In the reopened House of Gin we make Gin a fascinating experience and present it innovatively, purely, seductively and sometimes playfully. Now it's time to try new and unknown gins from limited bottlings and let yourself drift to our motto. Even hardcore fans of the juniper drink will surely find their new favorite gin out of the 150 gins.

True gin lovers have the option of a tasting menu to guide them on a personal gin journey.

For hungry guests we will offer snacks from our restaurant beef 45 – electronic beats will accompany your visit.



Sneak peak into our menu:

Berlin Urban Gin: Berlin gin with mint, woodruff and vanilla aromas. Hand-made with blood, sweat and tears.

Bobby‘s: Combines the best of Asian exoticism and European tradition. Cubeb pepper and juniper meet lemon grass and clove.

Death‘s Door: Premium American from near Chicago with a small hint of fennel in the finish.

Rutte Dry Gin: Traditional gin from the Netherlands. Balanced taste: light, fruity sweetness meets pleasant hints of citrus.

Sipsmith VJOP: First gin distillery in London after 1920 (there were no permits before). VJOP means ‘very junipery over proof‘ – very intensive hints of juniper, high percentage.

Nordés: From the Spanish Galicia. Based on grapes. Dominating botanicals include eucalyptus, hibiscus, tea and licorice.

Juniper Jack: Classic and strong ”juniper bomb“ from Dresden. Limited edition, perfect gin to enjoy purely.

Iris Gin: Pure nature with 20 botanicals from the Black Forest. Floral gin with hints of citrus and pepper.

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Opening Hours

Daily from 6 p.m.